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Minimizing SQG waste is as easy as 6 good housekeeping habits!

Minimizing SQG waste is as easy as 6 good housekeeping habits

1. DO NOT MIX WASTE - Do not mix nonhazardous waste with hazardous waste. Once you mix anything with listed hazardous waste, the whole batch becomes hazardous. Mixing waste can also make recycling very difficult, if not impossible. A typical example of mixing wastes would be putting nonhazardous cleaning agents in a container of used hazardous solvents.

2. CHANGE MATERIALS, PROCESSES, OR BOTH - Businesses can save money and increase efficiency by replacing a material or a process with another that produces less waste. For example, you could use plastic blast media for paint stripping of metal parts rather than conventional solvent stripping.

3. RECYCLE AND REUSE MANUFACTURING MATERIALS - Many companies routinely put useful components back into productive use rather than disposing of them. Items such as oil, solvents, acids, and metals are commonly recycled and used again. In addition, some companies have taken waste minimization actions such as using fewer solvents to do the same job, using solvents that are less toxic, or switching to a detergent solution.

4. SAFELY STORE HAZARDOUS PRODUCTS AND CONTAINERS - Safely store hazardous products and containers. You can avoid creating more hazardous waste by preventing spills or leaks. Store hazardous product and waste containers in secure areas and inspect them frequently for leaks. When leaks or spills occur, materials used to clean them also become hazardous waste.

5. MAKE A GOOD FAITH EFFORT - SQGs do not have to document their waste minimization activities or create a waste minimization plan. You do, however, need to certify on your manifests that you have made a good faith effort to minimize waste generation when you send your waste off site.

6. PARTNER WITH SOUTHERN LOGISTICS & ENVIRONMENTAL FIELD SERVICE TEAM – Southern Logistics and Environmental has dedicated field service technicians and CHMM’s that are fully capable of handling your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual housekeeping needs. Give us a call today and let us alleviate your waste burden.

Source: Managing Your Hazardous Waste -

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