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(SLE) has established itself as one of the most efficient, effective, and innovative waste management companies throughout the South-Eastern United States.  By providing clients with waste management solutions in addition to a full range of services, SLE​ has proved to be a trailblazer within the waste management industry.  SLE specializes in non-hazardous waste processing and disposal, creative recycling methods that allow for extended alternative re-use opportunities, hazardous waste and material management, full scope transportation services, and highly skilled project management to assist you every step of the way.  SLE's customer focused approach gives our clients peace of mind and assurance that their waste management concerns are our top priority.  Call us today to discover how SLE can help your company save time and money all while reducing your environmental footprint.

Our Team
Todd Zorn, Manager

todd.zorn@sle-nc.com | Ph: 336-662-0292

Rhyanna Nicol
Accounting Asst. 

rhyanna.nicol@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Mike Fields, Transportation Manager

mike.fields@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Elizabeth Haulbrooks, Office Manager

Elizabeth.Haulbrooks@sle-nc.com | Ph: 336-662-0292

Mary Sheffield
Billing Specialist

msheffield@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Chris Williamson, Warehouse Manager

chris.williamson@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Randy Snow, Facilities Manager

randy.snow@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Andrew True, Project Manager

andrew.true@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Chris Mitchell, Business Development

chris.mitchell@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Seth Hart, Field Services/CHMM

seth.hart@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Dakota Redding, 

dakota.redding@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

Scott Saunders, 

scott.saunders@sle-nc.com| Ph: 336-662-0292

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